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Delivery - Commercial and
Pleasure Vessels

Delivery - Commercial and Pleasure Vessels

You have made the purchase of your new pride and joy vessel and want to relocate it to your home marina. You may not have the time to do this, or you may not be fully confident in doing this yourself- being unfamiliar with the vessel. 


At Marine Sea Services, we offer a reliable sea delivery service of commercial and pleasure vessels.

We can undertake handover with or on behalf of the owner, checking condition and inventory at a time when the vessel may seem new and unfamiliar.

When you entrust your vessel delivery to us, you can rest assured it is in good hands.

*Insurance for the delivery is required to be covered by the vessel owner's insurance.


The owner will authorise their vessel insurance company to add the delivery Skipper’s name onto the insurance documents, for the agreed duration of the delivery and covered for all risks. 


Owners are to provide original insurance documents before departure. These must show the vessel to be insured for all risks.

For more information, contact us at Marine Sea Services.

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