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Pre Purchase Vessel Surveys

Pre Purchase Boat Surveys

Buying a vessel is usually a significant purchase and slightly daunting, so you need to know the facts about the current condition of your potential purchase. 


The Pre Purchase Survey is conducted on behalf of the potential new owner and will usually be conducted once the price has been agreed upon and a deposit has been placed with the broker. This deposit will not usually be refundable unless there are any structural or serious defects found during the survey, which may end in the buyer either pulling out of the sale or as is more common, negotiating with the vendor for a proportion of the costs involved to have any defects rectified.


At Marine Sea Services, we will look over all aspects of the vessel and report on the condition, systems, and defects that are present. Our reports are in plain English and are often used to discuss prices with the broker, raise finance and obtain insurance.


Oil analysis
Oil samples can be taken and are sent for laboratory analysis to undertake an assessment of wear on the engine and indicate if water or diesel is present. This is a useful tool in the ongoing monitoring of a vessel's propulsion and power generation systems.


Contents of Pre-purchase Survey:


Hull, Deck, and Structure 

  • Details of Subject Vessel, (General Description, Dimensions, Registration, etc.).

  • Keel

  • Hull below Waterline

  • Topsides above Waterline including Rubbing Strake etc

  • Deck and Superstructure Moulding

  • Flybridge

  • Hull/Deck Join

  • Bulkheads and Structural Stiffening including Internal Mouldings and Frames

Steering, Stern Gear and Skin Fittings, etc

  • Stern Gear

  • Rudders and Steering

  • Trim Tabs & Bow Thruster

  • Cathodic Protection

  • Skin Fittings and others through Hull Apertures

On Deck

  • Ports and other windows

  • Main Companionway and other accesses to Accommodation

  • Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements

  • Pulpit, Rails, and Mast

  • Boarding Ladders, Swim Platform & Passerelle

  • Covers



  • Navigation Lights

  • Lifesaving and Emergency Equipment

  • Bilge Pumping Arrangements

  • Fire-fighting Equipment



  • Engine Installations and Controls

  • Fuel System

Accommodation and On-Board Systems

  • Accommodation general

  • Gas Installation

  • Water Tanks and Supply

  • Heads

  • Electrical Installation

  • Electronic and Navigation Equipment

  • Heating, Refrigeration System & Microwave

*Other equipment including but not limited to:

Outboards, Dinghy’s, Tenders, Daughter Craft, Life Rafts, Spud Legs, Hyab Crane’s, etc. will also be inspected if present when surveyed.

For more information, contact us at Marine Sea Services.

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